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Plantable Paper

Foliette Petite Serre

It can be a small eco lucky charm or a small green friend
that will follow you everywhere.
Watch it grow!

Unique & Friendly

Surprise your friends with a unique blooming gift!

Unforgettable Gifts

The Paper is chemistry, botany and art, all brought together by the passion for this magical craft - paper making.
The handmade paper is a different experience that involves all senses; the natural bright colors,
the special texture, the smell and the sound of it will make you understand why it is loved so much.

May 2, 2019

Plantable Paper Cards

Handmade plantable paper


What a lovely way to surprise your family, friends or
business partners for a special occasion or holiday.
The seed paper is a handmade paper that contains
natural fibers and flower seeds.
The plantable paper can be printed with your special
message along with the instructions on how to plant it.

How to create magic



hartie plantabila, invitatii din hartie plantabila
1. Supplies

All you need is Foliette plantable paper, a pot filled with soil, a small glass for covering the plants, water and sun.

cum se planteaza cardul cu seminte, plantable paper
2. Planting

Take a small piece of Foliette plantable paper and put it in the pot, on the soil.

wedding gifts, wedding invitations
3. Water

Water it well - it is very important to keep the plantable card moist.

unique wedding invitations, plantable paper
4. The Greenhouse

Cover the plantable card with the transparent glass to create a small greenhouse - it will maintain the humidity constant.

wedding gifts, unique wedding invitations
5. The Magic

After seven days the card will sprout - watch the small plants grow, soon they will bloom and burst into flowers!

How Plantable Paper Works

Let's get started

1. Gather materials & Plant
1.Place the Foliette plantable paper into a pot that has quality flower soil
Sprinkle some soil over the card and water it.
If the paper is placedĀ under a thick layer of soil it will preserve moisture longer but the results will come slowly.
2. Find a place well lit

2.The pot has to be placed in a place well lit, not directly into the sun rays and at room temperature (not too hot, never cold or freezing)

3.During the first 10 days you have to maintain the paper moisture, so make sure to water well and check it once or twice a day.
Important: Don’t let the paper/soil dry and don’t over water it.
During cold season, germination period might take longer than estimated above.
4. Enjoy the flowers
4.Once the first sprouts appear continue watering it once every 2 days – or when needed, in order to keep the soil moisture.
Enjoy the flowers and share your experience!
5. Tips and Tricks 1
5.The card can be placed even in a small plate with no soil in it.
Just keep the card moist and it will sprout!
6. Tips and Tricks 2
6.A better way to keep the plantable card moist is to create a small greenhouse
– cover the plantable card with a small clear glass, the greenhouse effect will start in a few ours – you don’t have to water it anymore
It’s a good way to take care of the small plants when you’re too busy.

Plantable Invitation

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The Magic of Paper

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