Handmade Paper

Foliette Paper

Inspired by the colorful world of plants,
in 1997, we started developing our own paper recipe.
After years of work, we managed to create a unique line of
exclusive organic paper specialties - Foliette Paper
Every sheet of paper is extracted manually.
What makes it unique is the preserved natural vibrant color
of the plants inserted, the special texture and the smooth surface.


Reinventing Paper

In time, we learned that every plant can be transformed
into a sheet of paper, each one more spectacular than
the other. Experimenting with different plants is a lot of fun!

How it’s made


cum se face hartia manuala Foliette
1. Planting

The first step is planting the grass seeds and taking care of them.

Hartie manuala cu insertii de iarba si petale de flori galbene
2. The Harvest

After approximatively 10 days we harvest the green grass necessary for preparing the inserts.

Cum se face hartia manuala reteta si secrete
3. Preparing

After we are fine cutting the green grass we put it to boil together with other natural ingredients for preserving the fresh natural color of the fiber.

Invitatii de nunta din hartie manuala cu petale de flori
4. The Pulp

In a wooden tank we mix in water, wood fibers and the ``cooked`` grass to form the pulp.

5. The Paper Extraction

The extraction of the paper is made with a special mould and decker which is immersed into the water and raised slowly to drain.

Invitatie de nunta cu hartie manuala cu margini naturale
6. Couching the Paper

After the extraction, the paper is transfered onto a piece of woven cloth and then covered with another piece of cloth.

Invitatii nunta in natura, nunta in padure, nunta la munte, handmade paper recipe
7. First Press

20 to 30 sheets of alternate paper and cloth are formed. The pile is then slowly pressed to drain the excess of water.

invitatie de nunta in natura, invitatie boiereasca, invitatie de nunta la munte
8. The Sun Rays

After 70% of the water is drained trough pressing, the sheets of paper can be hanged outside into the sun for the final drying.

producator hartie plantabila, producator hartie cu seminte
9. The Second Press

Pressing the sheets of paper for a second time is needed for smoothing the surface and to give their strength.

hartie plantabila, hartie cu seminte de flori, hartie cu seminte de plante aromatice, plante aromatice
10. Sorting

The paper is almost ready to use. Before printing, every sheet of paper is double checked for impurities and for surface defects.

Invitatie din hartie manuala cu iarba si petale de flori

The Green Grass Paper

Can you imagine a paper that helps your message to become unforgettable?
The green grass paper impresses at the first sight and touch!

The Magic of Paper

The Paper is chemistry, botany and art, all brought together by the passion for this magical craft - paper making.
The handmade paper is a different experience that involves all senses; the natural bright colors,
the special texture, the smell and the sound of it will make you understand why it is loved so much.

January 24, 2019

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The Magic of Paper