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Plantable Handmade Paper Notebook, hartie manuala cu seminte

Handmade Paper Notebook

The Notebook that blooms!
This is a notebook like no other:
The pages are made from green grass handmade paper,
the cover is made from handmade paper that contains green grass and
yellow flower petals!
The special surprise is the plantable label that contains flower seeds –
put the label into a flower pot, water it and flowers will grow!
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Caiet din hartie manuala
Plantable paper, Hartie plantabila
CLIENT: Upperself
EXPERIENCE CREATED: Plantable Notebook
Pages: Foliette Green Grass Paper
Cover: Foliette Green Grass and Yellow Petals Paper
Plantable cards: Foliette Plantable Paper
COLORS: forest green, yellow, white, orange
MOOD/STYLE: eco friendly, sustainability solutions,
Upperself Plantable Notebook
Plantable Notebooks and Plantable Bookmarks
Handmade Notebooks
Plantable Bookmarks, Bookmarks that Bloom
Sustainable Solutions for Packaging Industry
Paper that Blooms, plantable paper, plantable bookmarks, handmade paper